Hostpreneur Consulting is a boutique consulting and management firm specializing in Short Term Rental investing

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Hostpreneur Consulting is a boutique consulting and management firm specializing in Short Term Rental investing through Airbnb, dedicated to developing sound solutions for new and existing investors who are entering the Short-Term Rental space by taking them through the various stages of creating a profile on the platform, researching the areas of interest to establish if the Airbnb will be profitable, provide interior design and space set up recommendations.

We are dedicated to providing integrated solutions for beginner and seasoned investors who are already portfolios, who are looking for cost effective ways to start their journey, manage their portfolios and add more properties to grow the business

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Our Services


Setting up of newly acquired properties

At Hostpreneur Consulting, our expertise extends to the meticulous setup of newly acquired properties for short-term rental investment through Airbnb. 

Conversion of existing long-term rentals to short term rentals

 Our expertise extends to the strategic conversion of existing long-term rental properties into profitable short-term rentals. 

Property Management & Co-hosting

Our services are designed to alleviate the burden of day-to-day operations, allowing property owners to enjoy the benefits of their investment without the hassle.

Our Mission

Proving Our Expertise

As an investor and Airbnb host myself, I understand the challenges and red tapes that new investors are faced with daily as they try to break into the industry, one big challenge being funding from the financial institutions

Our mission is to help change the financial landscape by creating exposure to other available strategies that makes it easier to enter the highly competitive property market. We are highly invested in ensuring your growth, success and creating profitable portfolios

Navigating Challenges & Overcoming Red Tape 99%
Exploring Alternative Funding Strategies 95%
Achieving Growth & Building Profitable Portfolios 95%

About Me

Nkateko Mlambo

Nkateko is a property investor whose journey began back in 2008 when her mother advised her to invest in property. She made her first purchase and put the property up for rental, in 2016 she purchased her second property and it was through the challenges and red tape she faced with the bank that she decided to find alternative ways of investing in property to grow her portfolio. 

She then discovered the Rent to Rent strategy, where she takes over as a landlord and uses the property for Short Term rentals on Airbnb. This strategy has proven to be so successful and has helped to change Nkateko’s financial position and has awarded her an opportunity to be featured on The Home Channel’s Documentary series about aspiring property investors, sharing their journeys.

It was this documentary that inspired Nkateko to start this company, where she will use her expertise and knowledge acquired to help other investors begin their property portfolios by using the Short Term Rental-Airbnb strategy.

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Taking you through every step from area research, rental arbitrage, property selection, running the numbers, furniture shopping, automation to welcoming your first guest

Travel to Property

If the property is more than 15km outside of the city, an extra cost is added for travel time.



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provide personalized guidance and expert advice to both new and experienced investors in the short-term rental market.


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New Listing Setup

A seamless and efficient start for new investors entering the short-term rental market


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One on One Coaching

What to expect?

Creating a listing on the Airbnb platform



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Creating a listing on platform



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Creating a listing on both platforms



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I recently had the pleasure to consult with Nkateko, of Hostpreneur Consulting, on her expertise in the AirBnB space. The consultation was incredibly valuable and helped me in making informed decisions in my quest for new business. I'd say she saved me a lot of money which would have been wasted had I not had the time to discuss my plans with her. I highly recommend her.

Nosipho Sithole Designation

Nkateko is an amazing Hostpreneur mentor, myself and my husband started Airbnb mentorship last month and we have already hosted 2 guests with excellent reviews. Nkateko is always available to guide and always goes extra mile, very helpful person. She has given us so many tools to be successful in hosting. Thank you so much Nkateko for your patience and kindness. If you want to be successful in Airbnb hosting Nkateko is the best person to reach out to. Thanks

Nozi& Eric

I met Nkateko through our Property Networking sessions and we kept close contact, we kept discussing different strategies and following up on each other’s progress and lessons learnt. She later introduced me to the AirBnB strategy and opened my eyes to what could really be achieved in the property market. So much so, that I immediately asked her to be my mentor and coach as I began with my first Airbnb listing. It is clear that she has a passion for helping other fellow aspiring property investors to become successful and her patience and kindness to always be available for my endless questions and requests for guidance is truly evidence of her commitment. Truly appreciate her efforts and Thank you again.



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Our mission is to help change the financial landscape by creating exposure to other available strategies that makes it easier to enter the highly competitive property market.

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